Monday, June 30, 2008

Abby & Neil's Bridal Shower & House Warming Party

06.29.08 - Abby & Neil were once two strangers living on the same block, and six years later, they blossomed into two neighbors who fell in love and are getting married. Their Bridal Shower / House Warming party was held intimately with close friends and family in their new home. Abby's maid of honor, Joy, did an unbelievable job of turning their backyard into a festive space for us to all spend the afternoon together. It was an amazing afternoon filled with laughter, music, games, and delicious Caribbean food. Abby & Neil: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and new home!

Cake made by: Cakes By Jay

Abby & Neil:

Cute Kid + Amazing Light = Unforgettable Picture!

Formula Above X 2!

Abby had a huge mountain of presents to go through :-)

The afternoon games consisted of making a bridal dress out of tissue paper!!

Abby & Neil's cake looked almost TOO good to eat!!

Amazing cake details:

Thank you Neil for bringing the cake out!

There is nothing in the world that taste better than hand fed cake from your future husband!

Special thanks to my friend Mariann Szucs for the referral!

Mubina's Henna Party

06.26.08 - We met Mubina in a beautiful loft that overlooked NYC. It was really awesome to watch the Henna artist throughout the night. The details, the art, it's spectacular when they paint on the designs. I was shooting along side the super-awesome & friendly Punam Bean. Enjoy the images, and check back soon for images from Mubina and Andrew's wedding! :-)

Jelly Beans!

The details are amazing:

Everyone was having a great night:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cynthia + Nick's Wedding!

05.31.08 - Cynthia & Nick show us how the times have changed: they first met on, and now, after several wonderful years together, they are tying the knot! I started the day off at Nick's house, while the very awesome Jason Groupp documented Cynthia's morning. Later on, we all met at St. Agnes Church, and then headed over to the Hempstead Golf & Country Club to celebrate.

This was just too cute, nothing better than a little teamwork:

Nick & The Guys before heading to the church:

The smile on Nick's face says it all:

After getting married, we headed over to the railroad to have some fun taking photos:

Everybody was so happy and enjoying the evening:

Cynthia & Nick: Congratulations!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kerri + Asa: Engaged!

Yesterday, we took a trip to Long Beach, NY to meet Kerri & Asa for their very special engagement session. We started off on the boardwalk, hit the beach, and then ended up in the water. It was an absolute blast! After their engagement session, we went out to dinner, where we got caught up in the middle of a thunder storm, yikes! I'm so glad everybody got home safely. Check out some of their amazing photos below...

What a great looking couple! We are all SUPER excited about their wedding coming up in August! :-)

We were having so much fun out there!

Under the boardwalk!

It's not hard to tell these two are in L-O-V-E:

I think Asa was waiting for this all day!

They are naturals in front of the camera:

I love the whole mood of this one:

and this one:

Asa washing the sand off!

Click the image below to view their Wet & Wild Slideshow (turn on your speakers):

Thank you Kerri & Asa, you two are awesome! Also special thanks to Thai and his sister for coming down and giving us a hand!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Marisa + Michael's Wedding!

05.25.08 - Marisa & Michael picked one of the most beautiful days of the year to get married. I had the privilege to shoot alongside my friend, mentor, and one of NYC's top 10 wedding photographers, Jason Groupp. Jason and I met Marisa at her hotel room where the excitement was high, and everybody was getting ready for her big day. After Marisa and Michael saw each other for the first time, we headed over to The Planting Fields for some spectacular photos, and then partied the night away at The Crest Hollow Country Club.

Mom making sure that tie looks perfect:

Marisa getting ready:

Michael seeing Marisa for the 1st time!

Michael and the Guys!

The Girls!


Pre-game warmups with The Rabbi!!

Marisa with her parents, right before she's about to get married:

Go Michael!

The energy in the room was unreal!

So cute...

What a beautiful picture to end the night!