Monday, June 23, 2008

Cynthia + Nick's Wedding!

05.31.08 - Cynthia & Nick show us how the times have changed: they first met on, and now, after several wonderful years together, they are tying the knot! I started the day off at Nick's house, while the very awesome Jason Groupp documented Cynthia's morning. Later on, we all met at St. Agnes Church, and then headed over to the Hempstead Golf & Country Club to celebrate.

This was just too cute, nothing better than a little teamwork:

Nick & The Guys before heading to the church:

The smile on Nick's face says it all:

After getting married, we headed over to the railroad to have some fun taking photos:

Everybody was so happy and enjoying the evening:

Cynthia & Nick: Congratulations!


Mr A said...

Pretty cool
I was Googling "St Agnes church" and these photos came through. Nice images. Good photographer!! Check out my web site

Phil said...

I loveee the pic where the guys are helping each other out!! Teamwork!!! Awesome pics!!

jason groupp said...

Great stuff man! Thanks for your help!