Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kerri + Asa: Engaged!

Yesterday, we took a trip to Long Beach, NY to meet Kerri & Asa for their very special engagement session. We started off on the boardwalk, hit the beach, and then ended up in the water. It was an absolute blast! After their engagement session, we went out to dinner, where we got caught up in the middle of a thunder storm, yikes! I'm so glad everybody got home safely. Check out some of their amazing photos below...

What a great looking couple! We are all SUPER excited about their wedding coming up in August! :-)

We were having so much fun out there!

Under the boardwalk!

It's not hard to tell these two are in L-O-V-E:

I think Asa was waiting for this all day!

They are naturals in front of the camera:

I love the whole mood of this one:

and this one:

Asa washing the sand off!

Click the image below to view their Wet & Wild Slideshow (turn on your speakers):

Thank you Kerri & Asa, you two are awesome! Also special thanks to Thai and his sister for coming down and giving us a hand!


Phil said...

You guys are sooo good!!!

Kerri said...

Steve & Tak,

You guys are amazing. Asa and I are so happy with the pictures! And we had an awesome time shooting them with you!


Tak said...

such a fun (and wet) session! Kerri & Asa are such great sports to get soaked on the beach.

PJoy said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos! the colors are just so great!!