Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tiffany + Shrujal's Wedding

08.29.08 - We had such a great time with Tiffany & Shrujal this weekend. We were particularly excited because it was our first interfaith Hindu / Christian ceremony. Since the ceremony and reception were all held outdoors, we were all nervous about the clouds in the sky, but even when the rain started, it only seemed to make Tiffany and Shrujal's wedding at the Glen Cove Mansion more unique and more special.

Venue - Glen Cove Mansion
Officiant - Marie April Gismondi & Prof. Harshad Vyas
Harpist - Janet King

Special thank you to our friend Bobby Wagner who helped us grab some great photos.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kerri + Asa's Wedding Day Slideshow

Click the image below to view some of the magic we shared with Kerri & Asa. These two are going to have an amazing wedding album!! :-)
(Turn up your speakers)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kerri + Asa's Wedding!

08.16.08 - Kerri & Asa could not have picked a more beautiful day to get married. Every single time we spoke to them throughout the year, it was so obvious how excited they were to be getting married. Their energy carried them throughout the whole day, and it must have spread to the entire family, because this was one of the best wedding we have ever attended. The day was filled with laughter, joy, and smiles all the way around and lasted till the final minutes of the wedding. We are going to miss these two a lot, and we are so happy for them as they start their new lives and careers together. Thank you Kerri & Asa for sharing your special day with us!

Reception: West Sayville Country Club
Invitations & Programs created by Kendra Berry
Special thank you to our friend Thai for helping us grab some great shots!

Asa waiting patiently:

Kerri and her father, Hal, arriving at the church:

Just married!

Such a great looking couple:

After getting married, there was still one more obstacle: Asa had to win his way into being a part of the new family!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Karen + Jonathan's Wedding

08.09.08 - This was such a fun wedding. We met Jonathan & Karen at the luxurious 4 Seasons Hotel in Manhattan, where they were preparing for their big day. As they were getting ready, Jon & Karen started the day off by passing romantic notes to each other. To get an idea how excited they were, in the morning, we heard Jonathan tell his brother that he was waiting for this day his entire life. Once they were ready, they agreed to meet before the ceremony, so we would have more time to take portraits together. Jonathan & Karen celebrated their wedding ceremony & reception on the beautiful Atlantis Yacht, and we had the privilege to 2nd shoot the whole event along side our friends Julia Newman and Bobby Wagner (they both rock!).

Jon writing his note to Karen:

Before the ceremony, we stopped in the city to take some super cool NYC-style bridal portraits:

She was so excited to throw those flowers around at the ceremony:

Right before this photo, Karen turned around to her bridesmaids and informed them she was ready to spend the rest of her life with Jonathan:

Karen & Jonathan had such a magnificent ceremony on the yacht:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sumana + Shankar: Slideshow

Enjoy the slideshow from Sumana & Shankar's Engagement Session (turn up your speakers)!

Sumana + Shankar's Engagement Session

08.03.08 - We knew this was going to be a special session from the moment Shankar and Sumana presented us with a bottle of wine to start the day. The weather was beautiful, their outfits were looking sharp, and once again, Central Park was our canvas. Sumana and Shankar chose the park to have their engagement session, because that's where the question was popped, in early May, by the Bethesda Terrace. Shankar's mom (who happens to be the most sweetest lady ever) was there with us, making sure their outfits were looking perfect, and providing awesome guidance. Sumana and Shankar, we had an amazing time with you two, and we hope you can take us with you to San Antonio! :-)