Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kerri + Asa's Wedding!

08.16.08 - Kerri & Asa could not have picked a more beautiful day to get married. Every single time we spoke to them throughout the year, it was so obvious how excited they were to be getting married. Their energy carried them throughout the whole day, and it must have spread to the entire family, because this was one of the best wedding we have ever attended. The day was filled with laughter, joy, and smiles all the way around and lasted till the final minutes of the wedding. We are going to miss these two a lot, and we are so happy for them as they start their new lives and careers together. Thank you Kerri & Asa for sharing your special day with us!

Reception: West Sayville Country Club
Invitations & Programs created by Kendra Berry
Special thank you to our friend Thai for helping us grab some great shots!

Asa waiting patiently:

Kerri and her father, Hal, arriving at the church:

Just married!

Such a great looking couple:

After getting married, there was still one more obstacle: Asa had to win his way into being a part of the new family!


Kerri & Asa said...

Steve, Tak & Thai,

You guys were amazing. These pictures look unbelievable. We love them and can't wait to see the rest of them. All of the guests loved the post cards on the tables. That was a great touch. All I kept hearing all night, was how great you guys were and how excited everyone is to see the pictures. Thank you so so much... We are heading to Mexico for the Honeymoon. Do you want to come???

Love you guys!

Kerri & Asa said...

One more thing... Thank you so much for putting the Link to Kendra's website on there... that will mean a lot to her, I know it does to us.

Kerri & Asa

mama berry said...

Steve, Tak and Thai. You were all amazing. I didn't think you could make my best friend any more beautiful than she already is. You captured the love that Kerri and Asa share and their wonderful family. Sitting here crying looking at these. Thank you for the link too. :)

Tak said...

Kerri & Asa, it was an honor to be at your wedding. We all had so much fun and felt like we were part of the family. I especially love the ice cream parlor in the private room; I couldn't decide on which toppings so I end up filling my bowl with everything ;)

We definitely would love to join you two to Mexico, so what time does the plane leave? lol.

Kendra, your invitations and programs were AMAZING! I love the design. You rock! :D

Phil said...

wowww =)

so beautiful!