Monday, July 28, 2008

Leigh Ann + Matthew's Engagement Slideshow

Turn up your speakers & click the picture below to view Leigh Ann & Matt's engagement slideshow! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leigh Ann + Matt's Engagement Session

07.26.08 - Leigh Ann and Matthew first noticed each other in high school. Although friends at first, they became lovers after college. During that time, they have traveled the world, from California to Vietnam, and now find themselves on the brink of marriage, living in New York City. Together, we had an amazing adventure, celebrating their engagement in Central Park. It was so much fun and almost impossible to keep a smile off our faces. We ended the night with burgers & brownies, and we could not have asked for a better couple to spend time with. Leigh Ann & Matt, Congratulations!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


07.21.08, NYC - Some of you may remember the engagement session we did with Angelica & Michael earlier this year. Well, we recently had the privilege to spend some time with Angelica again and shoot some headshots together. We're so excited about her acting career, and all the cool TV spots that she's landing! Angelica is so beautiful, & we think she rocks!

Hair & Make-up by: Angel

She has such a beautiful smile:

She can look like the sweeter girl next door:

or a strong / sexy woman:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Melissa + Matt: The Slideshow!

Click the image to view Melissa + Matt's slideshow! Enjoy! (turn up your speakers) :-)

Mubina + Andrew's Wedding!

06.28.08 - Mubina & Andrew had such a beautiful outdoor wedding. It was a magical day, where we had luck on our side, and dodged the rain for just a long enough amount of time, to tie the knot! We met Andrew and the guys early in the morning, as they got ready; shortly after, we took a limo ride to the beautiful Central Park Conservatory Garden where Mubina and the girls were waiting for us. After the ceremony, we headed a few blocks south to the Goethe Institute, where family and friends were ready to celebrate Mubina & Andrew's new life together. We covered the day along side the totally cool & awesome Punam Bean!

When we met Andrew in Long Island City, we could tell he was ready to get married:

All that hard work preparing the bow tie paid off! Andrew looked marvelous!

Mubina was beautiful, as she walked into the Conservatory Garden at Central Park:

The guys getting anxious:

We love these type of intimate outdoor ceremonies:

We are loving this photo:

Andrew's mother:

She caught a bubble in her mouth!

The green shielded us from the rain, as it started to come down hard, immediately after the ceremony:

Mubina was an amazing bride!

Their reception room in the Goethe Institute was decorated with so much detail!

Andrew looked like a prince!

Mubina & Andrew looked like royalty the whole night!

They looked amazing the whole night!

Mubina's Bridesmaids reminded Andrew that he better take care of her!

It was a beautiful room and an intimate party:

A spectacular chocolate wedding cake!

Nothing beats leaving your wedding in a double decker bus!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Melissa + Matt's Wedding!

07.05.08 - When we first met Melissa, she had a special glow about her, the type of glow that can only be found during a time of extreme happiness. Before her wedding, she informed us how excited she was about getting married. Melissa met Matt when she was still in high school, as blind dates, and now years later, we were joining them for their wedding at The Villa Borghese in Wappinger Falls, NY.

We could tell that Melissa & Matt could not wait to spend their lives together, and we were so happy to be there with them.

Flowers by Lucille's Floral Design
Venue: The Villa Borghese

Melissa was such a happy bride, we are going to miss her!

Melissa's friends thought she was beautiful too!

What a beautiful bouquet!

The natural beauties of getting married in a garden!

Melissa's brother Bobby walking her down the aisle:

Matt sees his wife-to-be for the 1st time:

The Officiant, Ryan:

The bridesmaids made a pact that they would not cry, but it was hard to keep.

Just married!!