Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mubina + Andrew's Wedding!

06.28.08 - Mubina & Andrew had such a beautiful outdoor wedding. It was a magical day, where we had luck on our side, and dodged the rain for just a long enough amount of time, to tie the knot! We met Andrew and the guys early in the morning, as they got ready; shortly after, we took a limo ride to the beautiful Central Park Conservatory Garden where Mubina and the girls were waiting for us. After the ceremony, we headed a few blocks south to the Goethe Institute, where family and friends were ready to celebrate Mubina & Andrew's new life together. We covered the day along side the totally cool & awesome Punam Bean!

When we met Andrew in Long Island City, we could tell he was ready to get married:

All that hard work preparing the bow tie paid off! Andrew looked marvelous!

Mubina was beautiful, as she walked into the Conservatory Garden at Central Park:

The guys getting anxious:

We love these type of intimate outdoor ceremonies:

We are loving this photo:

Andrew's mother:

She caught a bubble in her mouth!

The green shielded us from the rain, as it started to come down hard, immediately after the ceremony:

Mubina was an amazing bride!

Their reception room in the Goethe Institute was decorated with so much detail!

Andrew looked like a prince!

Mubina & Andrew looked like royalty the whole night!

They looked amazing the whole night!

Mubina's Bridesmaids reminded Andrew that he better take care of her!

It was a beautiful room and an intimate party:

A spectacular chocolate wedding cake!

Nothing beats leaving your wedding in a double decker bus!


RiCap said...

Awesome photos! Looks like you've been busy. I especially love the b&w one of them coming down the stairs. The way the shadows from the lamp echo the lines in his turban/hat is amazing! You just keep getting better.

MKS said...

These photo are amazing--they look like the memories I've had from my wedding...Thank you Steven!