Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tiffany + Shrujal's Wedding

08.29.08 - We had such a great time with Tiffany & Shrujal this weekend. We were particularly excited because it was our first interfaith Hindu / Christian ceremony. Since the ceremony and reception were all held outdoors, we were all nervous about the clouds in the sky, but even when the rain started, it only seemed to make Tiffany and Shrujal's wedding at the Glen Cove Mansion more unique and more special.

Venue - Glen Cove Mansion
Officiant - Marie April Gismondi & Prof. Harshad Vyas
Harpist - Janet King

Special thank you to our friend Bobby Wagner who helped us grab some great photos.


Veronica said...

WOW! It looks like it was an amazing wedding! Beautifully done you guys!

Shrujal and Tiffany said...

We can't begin to thank you guys for the wonderful work that you did. These are the most beautiful pictures we have ever seen. It wasn't until we saw the moments you captured on film that we really appreciated our wedding day. You Tak and Bobby are so talented and professional, everything we hoped for and more! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are so glad we chose you to photograph our wedding day.

Joanne (mother of the bride) said...

My friend at work had tears in her eyes when she watched the slideshow from the photographers! She couldn't believe how beautiful it was! Tell your photographer that the affect he had on people who saw it, was unbelievable!

Cathleen (friend of the bride) said...

I LOVE these pictures!!!!! I have already looked at them twice and that's only b/c I'm busy or I would have looked at them 10 times. I will save this email forever and look at them when I'm having a sad day to bring me joy.