Friday, September 5, 2008

We <3 Our Clients!

09.05.08- There's no better feeling than to come home and have a warm-hearted, surprise delivery waiting for you. Thank you so much Veronica & Stephen, the card was beautiful, you guys are awesome! We are stoked about your wedding coming up in April!

For anybody reading this and who needs some great wedding ideas, you should check out Veronica's blog. She has a bundle of wedding information on there! It's amazing... (future wedding planner in the making) ;-)


Wayne Yuan Photography said...

wow... she found you on craigslist?

Veronica said...

Thank you both for the kind words and the card you sent us as well!

Wayne - It was a complete surprise to me as well. I never expected to find our wedding photographers on craigslist but took a look anyway just so I could say I looked everywhere - Talk about finding a diamond in the rough.

Steve and Tak - we look forward to seeing you soon. Fall is coming and we'll probably be booking an engagement session with you soon! =o)