Monday, June 30, 2008

Abby & Neil's Bridal Shower & House Warming Party

06.29.08 - Abby & Neil were once two strangers living on the same block, and six years later, they blossomed into two neighbors who fell in love and are getting married. Their Bridal Shower / House Warming party was held intimately with close friends and family in their new home. Abby's maid of honor, Joy, did an unbelievable job of turning their backyard into a festive space for us to all spend the afternoon together. It was an amazing afternoon filled with laughter, music, games, and delicious Caribbean food. Abby & Neil: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and new home!

Cake made by: Cakes By Jay

Abby & Neil:

Cute Kid + Amazing Light = Unforgettable Picture!

Formula Above X 2!

Abby had a huge mountain of presents to go through :-)

The afternoon games consisted of making a bridal dress out of tissue paper!!

Abby & Neil's cake looked almost TOO good to eat!!

Amazing cake details:

Thank you Neil for bringing the cake out!

There is nothing in the world that taste better than hand fed cake from your future husband!

Special thanks to my friend Mariann Szucs for the referral!


Phil said...

OoOOOoo, such beautiful pictures! Loving the cake! Great job Stak!!!

Abby & Neil said...

Amazing amazing!! Your work truly speak for itself. I can't thank you enough for capturing these awesome moments for us. Thanks to both of you, I enjoyed my day without having to worry about anything.

PJoy said...

Thank you Steve and Tak for the wonderful photos! The 'inital results' are so great, i can't wait to see the whole thing!! LOLx.. Abby is definitely happy! Jillian my little darling, said hi. Nice to have met you both. Job well done!

Tak said...

i had such a great time being a part of the party. everyone was so nice and the food was delicious :)

abby and neil were so kind the whole event. i miss the kids running around :(

PJoy said...

Hi Tak! Did you know that Jillian told me earlier that you're Steven's girlfriend? LOLx....the photos of the two of you confirmed it..LOLx... congratulations also on the engagement! (",)

Stak said...

Thank you everyone for making us feel like part of the family : )

Tak said...

thanks joy. Jillian is very adorable. I wanted to squeeze her when I saw her, but didn't want to scare her away..hehe. :)

russell said...
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PJoy said...

I told her this afternoon that you wanted to squeeze her, she said, she's not afraid, that it's ok.. lolx. i showed her her pic.. she loves it.