Wednesday, April 16, 2008

STAK + Phil visit Taiwan for the 1st time!

Wooo we are back! After some very long plane rides, a lot of chinese food, and a bunch of naps; we are back in NYC. What an amazing trip we had... Taiwain... Hong Kong & China. Did I mention the food? It was soooo good.

Airport shot in JFK:

1st night off the plane we stopped by a night market in Taiwan. Take a look:

Next morning we walked to the beach to enjoy some sunshine. Phil took 1 step too many into the water and fell straight in. I wasn't sure if I should give him a hand and help him up, or just take pictures of his foolishness. Well, here are the pics:

Ahhh it was super warm out there. We were in Kenting, Taiwan. Beautiful!

After the beach, we decided to explore the land. We stopped by this spiffy 5 Star Hotel to relax by the pool.

But, it didn't take long for security to stop us and send us packing to our hotel next door :-(

A lot of the kids were coming from Taipei to enjoy the beach. Everybody rides a scooter. They look fun!

Neat little helmet:

Some friends we made while walking around. The guy with the shark is actually named Sharkee!

Last image of the trip before heading to Hong Kong. : )


Tak said...

taiwan was fun..i love the snacks off the street..very creative and delicious..


Phil said...

I miss Taiwan and the awesome characters we met!!! =(