Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Asia Trip Part 2: Hong Kong

Now for Part 2 of last night's post... After the 1st week in Taiwan, we went back to Hong Kong to enjoy the beautiful city, eat the HK snacks, and visit Tak's relatives. It was fun photographing the city, Hong Kong has some amazing buildings. We were so lucky to enjoy beautiful weather the whole week.

Tak modeling on the subway : )

& exploring the city:

I love how the clouds complete itself through the reflection in the buildings:

Beautiful view of the city...ooooo:

Hong Kong freeway at night:

This was an awesome location we found in Macau. The Sam Ba Sing Tzik is the remaining front wall of the Sacred Ruins of St Paul's Church:

As Phil was waiting patiently in the hotel room, I grabbed this amazing photo:

Phil & Tak walking the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong:

Having some photo fun in a shopping mall:

We took this one at the Hong Kong Park:

Us walking around in Macau, the stone streets and tall trees give this location a mysterious feel:

Tsing Ma Bridge at night (Special thanks to Tak's cousin Jack for bringing us to this location):

And a very special moment for us. We are now ENGAGED!! : )


Tak said...

I love the HK skyline you took on the peak...sooo beautiful : )

Phil said...

amazing photos! makes me want to go to HK again!!! ahhh memories =)

Tony said...

Steve & Tak - Congrats!!!

Me & Sonya wish you guys the very best.

RiCap said...

Congrats! Who's going to do your engagement pictures?

big murph said...

I always told you things have a way of working itself out. Congrats on the engagement. You know im coming to the wedding. Oh yeah if anyone ever ask me who is the greatest photographer in the world i have to say Steve Young.

Veronica said...

OMG! You both are engaged!! You two are so adorable. I can't wait to meet you both next week! Congrats!!