Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stacey + Trevor's Wedding | Dumbo, Brooklyn

09.18.08 - We recently had the privilege to 2nd shoot with our good friend & super-cool dude Ryan Jensen for Stacey + Trevor's Wedding in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Stacey & Trevor gave us a lot of time to have fun and shoot the portraits (which we love).. Enjoy! : )

Wedding Ceremony: Under The Manhattan Bridge
Wedding Reception: Smack Mellon
Wedding Planner: Evgenia Barsukova


Abby said...

Damn I love looking at pictures that you guys shoot. Honestly. I wouldnt if I didnt like it. I love the shot of the bridge and everyone looking at the bride..So friggin amazing!!

Syed said...

Once again you guys rocked it. Beautiful images !!!!

mama berry said...

your use of light is unbelievable. congrats on all of your success.

Juma said...

Wow...extremely cool steven, very very, kewl, well done.

Phil said...