Sunday, March 2, 2008

Moonlight Night Colors

Fun Night... Here's a few photos on our way home after dinner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you ever are in the Williamsburg area, Sea is a great Thai restaurant to eat at. Very cool food, people, and atmosphere. And if you make it down there, make sure to order a "Mad Dragon" for dessert! Yummy!! Also do try to get there early, because it can get pretty crowded.

As we were heading home, I decided to take a couple of photos. One of the things I absolutely love about my camera is it's ability to perform in demanding low light situations. Take a look at this ultra cool Moon shot that I grabbed (if you look real close, you can even see the American flag waving, haha):

And then my good buddy Raymond decided to give me his best mean guy pose on the street corner.

Doesn't ray look slick in this one?


Raymond said...

It was a pleasure hanging out with you, tori, and mister phil. Thank you for taking a brilliant photo of me and my brother!

Ekim said...

I agree, Sea is a fantastic restaurant!!

Tak said...

i love their desserts!! mmm...yum yum