Monday, February 18, 2008

Kaitlin + Ray - Engaged!

Even though they picked the coldest day of the year to have an engagement shoot, Kaitlin and Ray are an ultra cool Brooklyn couple that is getting ready for their big day in October! :-)

Not only did we have a fantastic time running around together and taking pictures, they even brought out their adorable dog Chewy! He may look small, but please beware, because that pup is 100% MAN!


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos, STAK images is truly the best!

lihp said...

Wow, stunning!!! Puppy is so cuteeee!

Anonymous said...

love them!!
so talented :)
even tho it was FREEZING--you could never tell.
let us know when we can see more :)

--Kaitlin + Ray....+ CHEWY!!

ekim said...

STAK images can really capture the quintessence of joy shared by two lovers!

Stak Images said...

Thank you everyone!

Tak said...

love the pic of them lying in the grass!